Alleged horse abuse issue addressed

SAGUACHE — For the past two weeks, reports posted on Facebook have been forwarded to Valley Publishing regarding possible horse abuse on a property in the town of Saguache. When contacted about the complaint, Undersheriff Jim McCloskey said at the time the matter was under investigation.
The individual posting the reports claimed the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office had been notified of the possible abuse but had refused to do anything.
Last Thursday, McCloskey emailed that he and Gerald Garcia with the Colorado Humane League have both addressed issues found with horses owned by Terry Strain of Saguache. 
“One of the horses involved had some medical issues, to include old age and was in very poor shape,” McCloskey said in an email last Thursday. “We recommended to Mr. Strain to either have a vet put the horse down or do it himself, and Mr. Strain put this horse down to keep it from suffering.”
On the second of the three horses, which also had some issues, Garcia and McCloskey advised Strain that the Bureau of Animal protection offers some guidelines which need to be followed. He was cautioned that unless he implements what is listed in the guidelines, and certain practices are corrected, he would be charged with cruelty to animals.
Part of this agreement included Strain bringing in a veterinarian, having the teeth on the second horse floated, worming the horse and providing some higher protein feed. Strain also was instructed to follow any other recommendations the veterinarian might have.
Garcia and McCloskey also advised Strain to have the veterinarian check out his third horse, which appears to be in good shape, for any possible issues. In late September, Strain purchased 1,600 pounds of native hay and this has been confirmed. The issue with native hay is that the second horse will need some supplements in addition to the hay to improve its physical condition.
“If Mr. Strain fails to follow all recommendations, he will be charged,” McCloskey concluded.


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